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Galaxy Xtinction is a space exploration game set in an alternative universe. You, as the player, will be able to fly around space, visit different orbiting planets, and experience different environments and levels of gravity.

The game's main aim will be to stop an alien race from destroying life in this solar system with a deadly nerve agent. Within the player's HUD, they will see a percentage (%) of the life still on the planet. If the enemy attacks a planet with the toxins, then that % will start to diminish. The player's job is to attack the enemy ships and collect the toxins, which can also be used to fuel. This will later result in the player exploring further into the solar system. 

If the 'Windows protected your PC' dialog popup appears after opening the exe:

Click "More info" button

Click "Run anyway" button

Please feel free to join the Discord server to stay up-to-date with Galaxy Xtinction


Polygon Sci-Fi Space - Low Poly 3D Art by Synty
Licence Type: Restricted Single Entity

Sci-Fi Sounds
Licence Type: Single Entity

Sci-Fi UI Pack Pro
Licence Type: Single Entity

Unique Projectiles Vol. 2
Licence Type: Single Entity

Off Screen Target Indicator
Licence Type: Extension Asset


GalaxyXtinction-0.1.2.zip 219 MB

Install instructions

Install Instructions:

  1. Download "GalaxyXtinction.zip"
  2. Extract folder
  3. Double click "GalaxyXtinction.exe"

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