A downloadable game for Windows

Switch Up! was developed as part of the GamesPlusJam 2022, and was developed solely by myself. 


Mix It Up!


The objective of Switch Up! is simple. Just collect objects that spawn randomly around the map, and throw them into the goal to score points. The more points you score, the better.

You only have 90 seconds, but as the theme suggests there will be a mix up - every 10 seconds there will be a new challenge you have to live by. 

If you fall off the map or do something that the challenge told you not to do, you'll die, and your score will reset.  But don't worry, you can still show your high score off to all of your friends.


'A' & 'D' - Move left and right

'SPACE' - Jump

'E' - To pick up objects that you're standing next to

'Q' - To throw that object 


Below are the fonts & SFX links I used for the game.

SFX (Brought from a Humble Bundle)


Switch Up!.zip 29 MB

Install instructions

    1.  Download "SwitchUp!.zip"
    2. Extract folder
    3. Double click "SwitchUp!.exe"
    4. Read "About" on Main Menu for more information on what to do
    5. Enjoy :)

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